Danube Cycle Path and Eurovelo 6

The Danube Cycle Path is one of the most popular bike paths in Europe and according to this is well developed and signposted. The entire tour from the Spring in Donaueschingen (Germany) to the Delta (Romania) is contained in the route Eurovelo 6 (Atlantic - The Black Sea).

Map of Danube Cycle Path and Eurovelo 6

The most bike tourists, however, do not ride the Danube Cycle Path at a stretch, but in single, longer stages, or only partially as well. The favorite etap apparently is between the Spring of Danube and Vienna. After that the population of bikers diminishes considerably, as well as the quality of bike paths and signposting. The more to the East, the less infrastructure for the bike tourists.

In Germany and Austria one bikes on perfectly signposted, mostly very well developed and maintained bike paths. We could bike easily without a map, guided only by the singposts. In Slovakia, at least in our case, all of the direction signs were demolished. In Hungary the signs were again in good order, but for the first time the bike paths bumpy or sandy. In Serbia and Croatia the Danube Cycle Path is tagged very good, it goes on numerous dam paths, however one rides also frequently on busy roads. In Bulgaria and Romania the bike route is only sporadically signposted, if at all, and there are no more bike paths or dam stretches.The route goes occasionally along nice farm roads and often on more or less travelled country roads, unfortunately mostly kilometers away from the Danube.

Since it is more and more adventurous direction Romania, it is advisable to prepare oneself for less infrastructure and exhausting etaps, to muster enough energy and to give oneself time for breaks.

Schedule and Daily Legs

Our overall journey time was 36 days, beginning from 9th of July till 13th of August. The total distance was around 3000km, of which 2500km by bike and the rest by train.

Initially we came up with a rough schedule and daily legs of around 80km. Of course, as the case may be, it varies and one moves on slower or faster. Eventually we were deciding spontaneously where our daily goal was suppose to be.


We cycled along the bicycle path "EuroVelo 6" which goes all the way from the spring of the Danube to the delta into the Black Sea. 


More information about EuroVelo 6: 



For the first part of the trip from Donaueschingen, Germany to Budapest, Hungary we used google maps and open source maps.


For the route from Budapest, Hungary to the Black Sea we used the official bicycle paper maps of Huber Verlag.

They are only available online and you can order it here: http://cartography-huber.com/l1/